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Dr. Munir El-Kassem

Finally, a translation I can recommend

During my interfaith encounters, I’m often asked to recommend a translation of the Quran that’s reflective of its original text. Out of the 29 translations I’m familiar with, I’ve never felt comfortable to recommend any of them. Even though many of those translations try to provide the reader with a general idea of what the meaning is, many challenging verses are horribly mistranslated, thus misrepresenting the great message of Islam.

I’m grateful to Dr. Mustafa Khattab for presenting me with a copy of The Clear Quran. I read his notes and introduction and found his approach and total understanding of the task he has undertaken quite assuring. His command of the Arabic language and his analysis of the translation protocol resulted, not only in clarity (as the title indicates), but consistency as well. I’ve read his translation of many chapters and have found that finally I can comfortably and confidently recommend an English translation of the Quran, especially that—for the first time—one can benefit from a scholarly, thematic work, rather than misleading literal translations.

Dr. Munir El-Kassem
Muslim scholar, community leader, chaplain, and motivational speaker
Ontario, Canada