The Clear Quran

Why is The Clear Quran® Tafseer for Kids divided into four parts?

To make the book more manageable for young students, it has been divided into four volumes. In its entirety, The Clear Quran® Tafsir for Kids will be over 1,500 pages. A new volume is released every two years, with an expected completion date of 2024, inshAllah (God willing). Volumes are divided based on an authentic […]

Why is Kursi translated as ‘Seat’?

Some concepts, such as Allah’s ‘Kursi, ’are difficult to translate because they are beyond human comprehension. The Prophet ﷺ said in a ḥadith reported by Imam Ibn Ḥibban that Allah’s ’Arsh (Throne) is much greater than His Kursi. So, we believe that Allah has a Kursi, which is in front of the Throne. Generally, in the Arabic […]

Is this translation reliable?

The Clear Quran® Series is approved by Al-Azhar University—the most prestigious school of Sunni Islam in the world—and is endorsed by the Canadian Council of Imams as well as many distinguished scholars. Visit for more details.

Why doesn’t the dawah edition include the Arabic text?

It is not necessary to include the Arabic text in the dawah edition since this version is intended for non-Muslims who don’t speak or understand the language. Moreover, many non-Muslims may not be familiar with the proper etiquette of handling the Arabic text.

Why does this translation use ‘God’ instead of ‘Allah’?

There are two editions of The Clear Quran® Series: The English edition, which is meant for dawah (calling people to Islam), uses the word ‘God’ so that it is easier for non-Muslims to read and relate to the text. The Arabic-English edition, which is meant for Muslims, uses the word ‘Allah.’