The Clear Quran

Why is this translation named ‘The Clear Quran’?

القرآن المبين “The Clear Quran, one of many ways in which Allah describes the Quran, appears twice in the Quran (15:1 and 36:69), is a beautiful name that reflects our desire to provide English-speaking audiences with an easy-to-read translation. Allah also describes the Quran, calling itالقرآن المجيد “The Glorious Quran,” القرآن العظيم “The Great Quran,” […]

Which tafsirs does The Clear Quran® Series use?

The Clear Quran® Series uses some of the most celebrated classical and modern works of tafsir. For more information on our references (tafsirs, translations, etc.), visit

What is unique about this translation?

The Clear Quran® Series was developed by Dr. Mustafa Khattab and his team of skilled editors and is noted for its clarity, accuracy, eloquence, and flow. This work is a thematic translation, grouping and adding subheadings to each topic within each chapter for a greater understanding of the context of the verses. It is also easier […]